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SB 202 Transition Information for Credentialing

Online verifications are now available for most active licenses and permits.

Senate Bill 202 transferred four occupational regulatory programs from the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to the Texas Medical Board (TMB). Medical Physicists, Medical Radiologic Technologists, Perfusionists, and Respiratory Care Practitioners are now regulated by the TMB and each occupation’s respective board/advisory committee.


DSHS data transfer issues:

The TMB has imported licensee and permit data, transferred from DSHS, into our system through a computerized search based on identifiers such as license number, social security number (SSN), name and date of birth (DOB). This process was performed by the TMB on the existing licensees from the programs listed above in order to identify any incomplete data. Unfortunately, our search of the existing DSHS records shows an incomplete SSN or DOB for some records. Until this information is corrected, we will not be able to import that licensee’s information into our system as part of the transition of these programs. In addition, until that information can be completed/corrected and imported into our system, we will not be able to verify those licenses through our online verification system. We have contacted those licensees affected by this issue and are working to correct this problem. Until this can be corrected, you may use the DSHS Legacy Information (accurate as of 12/30/2015) to verify those licenses and permits that are in the process of being transferred.


Verification of active licenses and permits, with expiration dates after 9/1/2015, from these regulatory programs are now available thru our online verification system (link below).

You can search all license types, or select the individual license/permit type of your choosing by using the “License Type” drop down menu, and then entering in the name or TMB License/Permit #. These online verifications also include those licenses and permits that have been newly issued by the TMB, since we began accepting new applications in October.  Disciplinary actions for these licenses and permits area available on the tabs listed below.


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Data is updated daily and may be considered the most current information available. Access to this computer system is authorized for the automated verification system only. All other access to this computer system is expressly prohibited. Any unauthorized access or use of this is subject to both civil and criminal penalties.


Information on the Licensure Verification process is available here.

If you have questions send email to   You may also contact the Consumer and Application Resources (CAR) at (512) 305-7030 or, in Texas only, at (800) 248-4062.


Click here for information on Hardship Exemptions.


Disciplinary/Enforcement Actions

  • The link below will provide a list of disciplinary actions taken against Medical Physicist permits.


    Information on actions taken prior to 9/1/2015 was transferred from DSHS.

    Medical Physicists Enforcement Actions

    The link below will provide a list of disciplinary actions taken against Perfusionist permits.


    Information on actions taken prior to 9/1/2015 was transferred from DSHS.

    Perfusionist Enforcement Actions