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All physicians, physician assistants, acupuncturists and others licensed by the TMB to practice in Texas are currently required to register regularly with the board, and pay a fee.  Registration fees and renewal periods vary according to license type.  A licensee may obtain a registration permit by completing the online registration/renewal, or submitting the required hard copy form, and paying the required fee to the Board on or before the expiration date of the permit. 

Information regarding continuing education requirements for all license types can be located in the “Licensee Resources” section of our website.


Contact Information

If the registration information provided on our web site did not answer your questions, please contact the TMB by e-mail at  Please include your name and license number.


Registration Staff


Rhea Hines
Manager - Registration Department


Adriana Leal
Specialist - Registration Department


Amber Andersen

Samantha Ehrlich

Jessie Ramirez

Marlee Straup

Sara Trevino

Analyst II – Registration Department



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