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Proposed Rule Changes

The Board’s rulemaking process follows all required steps for notice and publication in the Texas Register including opportunities for public comment. Rule drafting and proposed rule changes include input from a wide variety of stakeholders based on periodic stakeholder meetings. 

The frequency of rulemaking in any given year varies depending on the volume of newly passed legislation, the number of rule chapters open for review and comment based on state requirements for rule review, and any petitions for rulemaking raised by stakeholders.



Click on the links below to access any proposed rules approved by the Board for publication in the Texas Register and available for public comment.

Board Rule Changes Proposed (Medical Board)

TAC 22 - New §165.7 - Exceptions to Abortion Ban, §165.8 - Abortion Ban Exception Performance and Documentation, §165.9 - Complaints Regarding Abortions Performed 


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Physician Assistant Board)


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Acupuncture Board)


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Medical Radiologic Technology Board)


Board Rule Changes Proposed (Respiratory Care Board)



Step 1 - Consider and Publish the rule.

The Board considers the rule. If the rule is approved, the rule is published in the Texas Register. The Board will also publish the rule on its public website.

Step 2 – Public Comment and stakeholder meetings - TMB is at this step.

The Board is required to accept comments for a minimum 30 days. TMB strongly encourages written comment submitted through web form. The web form will have a place to indicate the submitter is interested in participating in a stakeholder meeting. Stakeholder meetings may be held during or after the public comment period.

Step 3 – Comment Review

Staff will review all comments. Staff may aggregate comments that are the same. The staff will present to the Board in step 4.

Step 4 – Adopt or republish the rule.

After steps 1 – 3 are complete, the Board will hold a public hearing and may adopt the rule or make changes and republish the rule. If the Board republishes the rule the process will restart at step 2.