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Applicant Walk-ins: Due to the high volume of applications being processed by the agency, staff members are unable to meet personally with applicants about their file. Questions or concerns regarding applications should be submitted in writing.

  • For Physician applicants – Please use the LIST system to submit your questions. 
  • For MRT, TMRT, LMRT, TLMRT, RCP, TRCP, Perfusionist, and Medical Physicists applicants – Please submit your questions by email to
  • For Physician Assistant, Physician-in-Training and all other applicants - Please submit your questions by email to

Applicants who appear at the agency’s office will be asked to submit their inquiry in writing on the form provided and they will be contacted in 3 business days by agency staff. 


Location Address:
Mail Code (use department-appropriate mail code)
333 Guadalupe
Tower 3, Suite 610
Austin, TX 78701

Mailing Address:
Mail Code (use department-appropriate mail code)
P.O. Box 2018 
Austin, TX 78768-2018

Licensure Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 2029
Austin, TX 78768-2029

Main Phone: (512) 305-7010

Customer Service Phone: (512) 305-7030 (Outside Texas)
Customer Service Phone: (800) 248-4062 (Texas only)
Customer Service E-mail:


Telephone Inquiries: 

Due to the high volume of calls, our Call Center offers a call back feature that allows you to be connected to a customer service representative when an agent becomes available.   This option can be selected at the beginning of your call before waiting in queue.  Due to our limited resources, if you select this option, please wait for a call back before calling us back and waiting in queue.  Entering a landline phone number that requires an extension number or prompt option will result in a failed callback attempt.  For cellphone number, we recommend that you have your ringer on so that you don’t miss our call.  If you have blocked unknown calls, please add our phone number 512-305-7030 to your contacts.


Open Records Requests 

Other Numbers

  • Department Mail Codes


    • Acupuncture – 232
    • Central Administration – 901
    • Compliance – 261
    • Computer Services – 903
    • Consumer Services - 240
    • Finance – 902
    • Human Resources – 104
    • Investigations – 263
    • Litigation – 264
    • Physician Assistant - 232
    • Physician Application – 244
    • Physician Profile – 240
    • Pre-Licensure (Screening) – 240
    • Public Information – 251
    • PRC - 240
    • Renewal/Registration – 240