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Health-Care Entity Notice


Health-Care Entities as defined by Section 151.002(a)(5) of the Texas Occupations Code (Also referred to as the Texas Medical Practice Act or "MPA") are entitled to receive limited investigative information as authorized by Sect. 154.054. Any request by a Health-Care Entity that has registered with the Board will be considered a request for all authorized information regarding the physicians listed. Any available investigative information or additional board action reports will be forwarded via US mail within approximately 14 working days of request.

  • TMB HCE Verification System

    If your facility is already registered with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) as an HCE, you can use the link below to log into the TMB’s HCE verification system. 

    HCE Verification System

    Registering as a Healthcare Entity

    Healthcare entities are statutorily authorized to obtain limited investigation information by Section 154.054 of the Texas Occupations Code Annotated Subtitle B (Vernon 2000). This subtitle may also be referred to as the Texas Medical Practice Act ("MPA"). Section 151.002(a)(5) of the MPA defines a health-care entity as:

    (A) a hospital that is licensed pursuant to Chapter 241, Health and Safety Code or the Texas Mental Health Code (Articles 5547-100, Vernon's Texas Civil Statutes);

    (B) an entity, including a health maintenance organization, group medical practice, nursing home, health science center, university medical school, or other healthcare facility, that provides medical or healthcare services and that follows a formal peer review process for the purposes of furthering quality medical or health care;

    (C) a professional society or association, or committee thereof, of physicians that follows a formal peer review process for the purpose of furthering quality medical or health care; and

    (D) an organization established by a professional society or association of physicians or of hospitals, or both, that collects and verifies the authenticity of documents and other data concerning the qualifications, competence, or performance of licensed health care professionals and that acts a a health care facility's agent pursuant to the Health Care Quality Improvement Act of 1986, Title IV, Pub. L. 99-660 (42 U.S.C. Section 11101 et seq.).

    To be considered for Healthcare Entity access, please submit your request for registration as a healthcare entity on business letterhead and over the signature of the appropriate authority to make this request for the entity. Your request should identify the subsection of Section 151.002(a)(5), listed above, under which your organization qualifies. We are not allowed to accept requests by facsimile.


    You may submit your written request to:


    Texas Medical Board

    Attn: HCE Registration, Sara Trevino

    MC-245, P.O. Box 2018

    Austin, Texas 78768-2018


    After review and determination that your organization qualifies as a healthcare entity, you will be notified by mail of the procedures necessary to inquire the Board's database as a registered entity.