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Continuing ED Requirements

Many practitioners are required to obtain continuing education to maintain active licensure. 


For information on specific continuing education requirements per license type, please select the proper link above.



** New CME Requirements – Rules pending**

New Opioid CME Requirements

During the 86th legislative session, in an effort to combat the opioid crisis in Texas, there were multiple bills passed requiring physicians, physician assistants and other licensees to complete certain specific opioid related continuing medical education.  These new CME requirements related to opioids will be part of the Opioid Workgroup being formed by TMB to address the on-going public health crisis in a comprehensive, multi-faceted approach. Please read the TMB's initial guidance regarding opioid-related CME:


New Human Trafficking Prevention CME Requirement

HB 2059 requires a new CME Human Trafficking Prevention course to be approved by the Health and Human Services Commission.  Specific requirements, including implementation and deadlines, for this new course are being reviewed.  Please note the new Human Trafficking Prevention CME requirement is NOT required on 9/1/2019.