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Provisional License

“... d license available only to applicants for a full medical license and allows the applicant to practice for a maximum of 270 days in a medically underserved or health professionals shortage area.  The provisional license, by law, cannot be extended. Before You Apply Individuals considering appl ... ”

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Public Health License

“... lder of a Public Health License is subject to the Medical Practice Act and the same Rules of the board as a person holding a full Texas medical license, which includes paying the same fees and meeting all other requirements (such as CME) for issuance and renewal of the license as a person holding a ... ”

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Visiting Physician Temporary Permit

“... inal matters, or for the provision of specialized medical care for which the applying physician has demonstrated good cause for the issuance of the permit. The rules regarding this type of permit are found in §172.5 and can be viewed at: Board Rules. Eligibility for a Visiting Physician Tempora ... ”

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Look up a Licensee - Tab 2 - Other

“The Texas Medical Board also issues several other types of permits, including Surgical Assistants and Pain Management Clinics.  Click on the links below to view information on these license holders:    Surgical Assistant Licensees  – information now available as part o ... ”

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Health-Care Entity Notice - Tab 2

“... his subtitle may also be referred to as the Texas Medical Practice Act ("MPA"). Section 151.002(a)(5) of the MPA defines a health-care entity as: (A) a hospital that is licensed pursuant to Chapter 241, Health and Safety Code or the Texas Mental Health Code (Articles 5547-100, Vernon's Texas Civil S ... ”

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Visiting Professor Temporary License

“... cian appointed as a visiting professor by a Texas medical school or institution in accordance with Board rules.  The rules regarding this type of license are found in §172.6 and can be viewed at: Board Rules Eligibility for a Visiting  Professor Temporary License The institution ... ”

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Health-Care Entity Notice

“... s Occupations Code (Also referred to as the Texas Medical Practice Act or "MPA") are entitled to receive limited investigative information as authorized by Sect. 154.054. Any request by a Health-Care Entity that has registered with the Board will be considered a request for all authorized informatio ... ”

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Health-Care Entity Notice - Tab 1

“... our facility is already registered with the Texas Medical Board (TMB) as an HCE, you can use your facilities existing username/password and the link below to log into the TMB’s New HCE verification system.  HCE Verification System - MyTMB   Please see the instructions below for using ... ”

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Texas Medical License Quick Links

“... bsp;- PDF Substantial Equivalence List - PDF Medical School Codes - PDF Physician Application and Registration Fees Physician Specialty List Apply General Information  Application Supplemental Forms Jurisprudence Exam Get Fingerprints Physician Temporary License Affidavit - PDF ... ”

When may acupuncturists use the title “doctor”?

“... ” in a clinical setting? In 1995, the Texas Medical Board requested the Attorney General to review the above question.  The Attorney General issued an opinion (DM-336) that stated, in part, that an acupuncturist ‘may use the title “doctor” so long as the acupuncturist us ... ”

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Updates on Prescribing Controlled Substances

“... tants and Advanced Practice Nurses with the Texas Medical Board. Physician Assistants with Temporary Licenses pending Medical Board approval will still be required to file a Prescriptive Delegation Form with the Registrations Department of the Medical Board.  To request a form, please email Reg ... ”

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Pain Managment Clinic Renewal Info

“... linics do not apply to the following settings: a medical or dental school or an outpatient clinics associated with a medical or dental school; a hospital, including any outpatient facility or clinic of a hospital; a hospice established under 40 TAC §97.403 (relating to Standards Specific to Ag ... ”

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Agency Overview

“The Texas Medical Board is the state agency charged with keeping Texas patients safe through the licensure and regulation of Texas physicians. The TMB staff also serves as staff for the Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners, the Texas Physician Assistant Board, the Texas Board of Medical R ... ”

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Proposed Rule Changes

“... xas Register.   Board Rule Changes Proposed (Medical Board)   Board Rule Changes Proposed (Physician Assistant Board)   Board Rule Changes Proposed (Acupuncture Board)   Board Rule Changes Proposed (Medical Radiologic Technology Board)   Board Rule Changes Proposed (Respirat ... ”

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Enforcement Process

“The Texas Medical Board receives and reviews about 9,000 complaints a year from patients, patient family members, health care professionals and other sources. After a complaint is received, staff analysts first determine whether the complaint is “jurisdictional.” In other words, is the c ... ”

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I am a foreign medical graduate. Can I get a PA license with my medical degree?

“No. Texas law requires graduation from an accredited PA program for eligibility. ”

As a physician, is it okay to go by a nickname or shortened version of my given name in my practice?

“... e name under which they are licensed by the Texas Medical Board. Using any other name may confuse or mislead the public and could be considered by the Board to be unprofessional conduct. A physician who wishes to change his or her professional name must use the Application for Name Change. ... ”

My licensing analyst informed me that I need a foreign education evaluation. What do I need to do?

“... tion is one tool the board uses in evaluating the medical education of a physician applicant who attended a medical school located outside the United States. The board will accept evaluations from the Foreign Credentials Service of America (FCSA). The cost of the evaluation is borne by the applicant ... ”

How long does it take to process a physician licensure application?

“... uestions on the application, or graduation from a medical school not listed on the Substantial Equivalence list. Once the licensing analyst determines the application is complete, the applicant is scheduled for licensure. Currently staff issues licenses twice a month. ... ”

How many attempts can a physician have on the licensing exams and still be eligible?

“... rictions, orders, or probation on any other state medical licenses, are eligible for exceptions to the three attempt exam limit.  Please see the eligibility checklist for details regarding exceptions. ”

My medical school isn't listed on the document entitled "Schools Whose Graduates Do Not Have To Prove Substantial Equivalence of Their Education." What does that mean and what do I have to do?

“... our school might not be on the list: 1) the Texas Medical Board has never licensed a graduate of your school before; or, 2) the Texas Medical Board more thoroughly investigates the education of graduates of your school. If your school is not listed the board will require additional documentation fro ... ”

What is FCVS? What information do they collect? Would this service benefit my physician licensure application?

“... ) is a service created by the Federation of State Medical Boards to streamline the credentialing and licensing process. FCVS is not a requirement for Texas licensure and is in no way a guarantee of licensure or of an expedited application process in Texas. FCVS will be of the greatest benefit to an ... ”

How do I register for USMLE Step 3?

“... for USMLE Step 3 contact the Federation of State Medical Boards. ”

How do I register for COMLEX Level 3?

“... Level 3 contact the National Board of Osteopathic Medical Examiners. ”

What additional examinations are required for physician licensure in Texas?

“... ants for licensure are required to pass the Texas Medical Jurisprudence Examination.  ”

I haven't been practicing medicine for a while. Is that a problem?

“... or been on the active teaching faculty of a Texas medical school on a full time basis for either of the two years preceding the date of your application. The Board defines "full time" to be at least 20 hours per week for 40 weeks duration during a given year. If you don't meet that requirement the E ... ”

As part of my PIT application, do I have to request a certified transcript from my medical school?

“No. The TMB no longer checks for compliance with Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board (THECB) requirements at the PIT permit application level. However, THECB requirements must be met when applying for a physician license. ”

How do I send the Supplemental information for my PIT application?

“... ;Delivery Physical Address and Phone • Texas Medical Board, 1801 Congress Avenue, Suite 9-200, Austin, TX 78701 Phone – (512) 305-7030Mailing address• Texas Medical Board, P.O. Box 2029, Austin, TX 78768 ”

How can my residency program or medical school reimburse my PIT application fee?

“... uest reimbursement from your residency program or medical school. ”

Can my residency program (or other third party) pay my PIT application fee?

“... ur application will not be submitted to the Texas Medical Board until the fee has been paid. Entering an incorrect third party identification number will mean that your program, or other third party payer, is prevented from paying for your application, and you will have to submit a new application w ... ”