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Medical Records FAQs

“ How do I obtain a copy of my medical records? What are reasonable fees for medical records? What are reasonable fees for billing records? What are reasonable fees for hospital records? How long do physicians have to keep medical records? My physician closed his office. How do I get my me ... ”

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FAQs for Consumers

“... rance? Can I file a liability claim through the Medical Board against my physician? How do I file a complaint? Are complaints public information? What information is available on a physician’s Profile? I’m looking for a physician of a particular specialty. Does the “Look ... ”

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Accessibility Policy

“The Texas Medical Board (TMB) is committed to making its Web site accessible to all users. To make the site more accessible, we include several features designed to improve accessibility for users with disabilities. Some of these features are described below.. A descriptive text equivalent is provid ... ”

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Acupuncture Board Bios

“... nce at various academic institutions in the Texas Medical Center. These include: Leukemia Service, Neurosurgery and Medical Breast Oncology at MD Anderson Cancer Center, and Pediatric Cardiology at Texas Children’s Hospital. She has also been an Assistant Professor at UTMB Acute Care Nurse Pra ... ”

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TMB Consumer Brochure

“Provides helpful information about the Texas Medical Board, its disciplinary process, how to research a licensee, and how to file a complaint.  TMB Consumer Brochure ”

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RCP Inactive Tab 1 – Requesting the Inactive Status

“... completed, signed and notarized form to the Texas Medical Board via an overnight courier service, such as FedEx, DHL, or UPS, you will need to use the location address of:   Texas Medical BoardAttention: Registration1801 Congress Avenue, Suite 9.200Austin, TX 78701   Should you choose ... ”

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Acupuncture Board History

“In 1993, the 73rd Texas Legislature amended the Medical Practice Act to create a Texas State Board of Acupuncture Examiners. The legislators found that the "review and establishment of statewide standards for the training, education and discipline of persons performing acupuncture are in the public ... ”

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TMB Data Reports

“... ining, physician assistants, acupuncturists, medical physicists, medical radiologic technologists, non-certified radiological technicians, perfusionists, and respiratory care practitioners. Visit the following link, and accept usage terms, to view available reports: htt ... ”

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Compact with Texans

“... specific information. About the Agency The Texas Medical Board is a state regulatory agency. We serve and protect the public's welfare by ensuring our licensed healthcare professionals are competent and provide quality patient health care, and by educating consumers regarding their rights in seekin ... ”

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Texas Medical Board Biographies

“... , M.D., of Houston, is the President of the Texas Medical Board. He is a Board Certified Anesthesiologist and is the Vice-Chair of the Clinical Governance Board for US Anesthesia Partners for the Gulf Coast region as well as a member of the Clinical Governance Board for US Anesthesia Partners Texas. ... ”

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Acupuncture School Codes


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General Information for Acupuncturist Applicants

“... quo; answers to questions on the Professionalism, Medical Liability section of the application. Once all items have been received, and have been reviewed and approved by the appropriate members of Board staff, your application will be considered complete and your name will be added to ... ”

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Acudetox Checklist -tab 1

“... at the verification be sent directly to the Texas Medical Board. Verification of CCAOM Clean Needle Technique course contact the entity where you took this course and examination and request that they furnish you a verification in a sealed envelope with the providers signature across the outside of ... ”

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Acudetox Eligibility

“... r chemical dependency, which: is approved by the Medical Board is 70 hours in length includes a clean needle technique course or equivalent universal infection control precaution procedures course approved by the Medical Board Hold an unrestricted and current license, registration, or certificatio ... ”

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Physician Licenses and Permits Quick Links

“ Full Texas Medical License Physician in Training Permit Faculty Temporary License Out-of-State Telemedicine License Administrative Medicine License Provisional License Medical License Limited to Underserved Areas Visiting Physician Temporary Permit Visiting Professor Temporary License Physician Pub ... ”

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I graduated from a Medical School overseas and it is difficult for me to obtain a certified transcript of my scores and classes from them. Can I submit a copy of this from my own files?

“No. If you are unable to obtain a certified copy of your transcript directly from the school you will have to prove that you have made "exhaustive attempts" to obtain it. Your file will have to be reviewed by our Executive Review Group before a determination of acceptability can be made. Please cons ... ”

How do I retrieve my username and/or password for the HCE verification system if I lost it?

“... ion.You may submit your written request to: Texas Medical Board Attn: HCE Registration MC-263, P.O. Box 2018 Austin, Texas 78768-2018 ”

How do I update the contact name for my registered HCE for the verification system?

“... on. You may submit your written request to: Texas Medical Board Attn: HCE Registration MC-263, P.O. Box 2018 Austin, Texas 78768-2018 ”

What are the general rules related to AAs/CRNAs?

“... ly and safely performed by the person to whom the medical act is delegated; 2) the act is performed in its customary manner; and 3) the performance of the act by the delegate is not in violation of any other statute.It is clear that AAs can be delegated certain tasks under Chapter 157. The question ... ”

How do I verify what level of OBA services an individual is registered for?

“... tten request by mail, fax or email to: Texas Medical BoardAttn: Registration DepartmentP.O. Box 2029 MC 240Austin, TX 78768 fax - (888) 512-2581 ”

Is a physician required to complete CME to register a license?

“... need to complete at least 24 hours of continuing medical education each year, at least half of which must be in formal courses. One hour of formal CME must be in medical ethics and/or professional responsibility. A physician must report on the registration form if she or he has completed the requir ... ”

Will the “Look up a License” system verify a MRT, RCP, Medical Physicist or Perfusionist?

“Yes. You can search all license types, or select the individual license/permit type of your choosing by using the “License Type” drop down menu, and then entering in the name or TMB License/Permit #.Disciplinary actions for these licenses and permits available at: http://www.tmb.state.tx ... ”

How do I verify disciplinary action on a MRT or LMRT?

“... sciplinary/Enforcement Actions tab labeled “Medical Radiologic Technologist”. ”

Is there an exemption for retired physicians providing voluntary charity care?

“... ice of medicine must not include the provision of medical services for either direct or indirect compensation which has monetary value of any kind and the physician's practice is limited to voluntary charity care to indigent populations and receives no direct or indirect compensation of any kind for ... ”

Who does not need to register a pain management clinic?

“... clinics do not apply to the following settings: a medical or dental school or an outpatient clinics associated with a medical or dental school; a hospital, including any outpatient facility or clinic of a hospital; a hospice established under 40 TAC §97.403 (relating to Standards Specific to Ag ... ”

Who can own or operate a pain management clinic?

“... exas unless the clinic is owned and operated by a medical director who: • is a physician who practices in Texas • has an unrestricted medical license • holds a certificate of registration for that pain management clinic   In addition, the owner/operator of a pain management clini ... ”

What are the continuing education requirements for pain management clinics?

“Per Board Rule 195.4(e), the medical director or owner/operator of the pain management clinic, must on annual basis, ensure all personnel are properly licensed and, if applicable, have the requisite training to include 10 hours of continuing medical education (CME) annually in the area of pain manag ... ”

Is prescriptive authority required to order durable medical equipment (DME)?

“... te that APRNs and PAs may order or prescribe this equipment provided all requirements for delegation of prescriptive authority are met.   ”

How many miles from my delegating physician can my practice site be?

“... at which the physician’s delegates provide medical services may be an important factor in determining the quality of the physician’s supervision.  ”

What are the Texas Medical Board’s requirements for a physician who delegates to an APRN or PA?

“... elegation requires adequate supervision under the Medical Practice Act.  As such, a physician delegating to an APRN or PA must adequately supervise those individuals.  An individual physician may serve in both the supervising and delegating role and does not need to be physically present a ... ”