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  • Can I renew my NCT permit if my NCT Registry listing is expired?

    Your TMB permit cannot be issued without a current NCT Registry listing or hardship exemption.

    How do I register/renew my NCT Registry listing?

    A notice will be sent 60-90 days prior to the expiration date as a reminder that it is time to register. Permits are registered online and paid for with a credit card or electronic check. Registration forms are not available for printing from our web site.

    Why do I have 2 permits with the TMB now?

    Senate Bill 202, effective 9/1/2015, transferred four occupational regulatory programs from the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) to the Texas Medical Board (TMB). This transfer included the Non-Certified Radiologic Technician (NCTs) Registry.

    In order to perform radiologic procedures in Texas, NCTs are required to be listed on the NCT Registry and work under the supervision of a licensed Texas physician, chiropractor, or podiatrist. 

    o    Inclusion on the Registry indicates that the NCT has met the mandatory training requirements.

    o    The issuance of a permit through the TMB indicates that the NCT is being supervised by a licensed Texas physician.

    At this time the registry and the permit are applied for and renewed separately.  However, the TMB is looking at ways to streamline this procedure for the future.

    Why can’t I register my NCT permit and my NCT registry at the same time?

    At this time the NCT Registry and the NCT Permit are renewed separately. Under current rules and regulations, the NCT registry is on a biennial (2 year) renewal schedule and the NCT permit is an annual renewal. However, the TMB is looking at ways to streamline this procedure for the future. Please keep checking our website for rule changes and procedure updates.

    Why do I have to be fingerprinted for my first NCT Registry renewal with the Texas Medical Board?

    The fingerprint background check will be required prior to the completion of your initial TMB registration/renewal, per the new statutory requirement set out in Texas Occupations Code, Sec 601.1111.

    Will I continue to renew my NCT registry in my birth month?

    Registration/renewal through TMB will be completed on a different schedule than DSHS, with all permits expiring during specific set times of year (as opposed to expiring in the permit holder’s birth month). Moving forward NCTs on the Registry will expire once a year, on June 30th.


    As part of the transition from DSHS to TMB, existing NCTs on the registry will have their first registration (renewal) with TMB per the existing permit expiration date. The renewal fee charged at the time of the first renewal with TMB will be pro-rated to bring the permits in line with the new expiration dates.