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Acudetox Eligibility

Acudetox Eligibility

Certification Requirements

Information on licensure requirements is available under Board Rules Section Chapter 183, Section 183.14 Acudetox Specialist. The following is paraphrased from that rule; we encourage you to read the entire rule itself.

  • Submit application online, and pay the $52 application fee
  • Complete a training program in auricular acupuncture for the treatment of alcoholism, substance abuse, or chemical dependency, which:
    • is approved by the Medical Board
    • is 70 hours in length
    • includes a clean needle technique course or equivalent universal infection control precaution procedures course approved by the Medical Board
  • Hold an unrestricted and current license, registration, or certification issued by the appropriate Texas regulatory agency authorizing practice as one of the following:
    • social worker
    • licensed professional counselor
    • licensed psychologist
    • licensed chemical dependency counselor
    • licensed vocational nurse
    • licensed registered nurse

provided that such practice of acudetox is not prohibited by the regulatory agency authorizing such practice

  • Work under protocol and have access to a licensed Texas physician or a licensed Texas acupuncturist readily available by telephonic means or other methods of communication.