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Physicians Before You Apply

The Two-Stage Process: Pre-Licensure and Licensing

Stage 1 - Pre-Licensure

  • Look for an email from us with your LIST username and password the first working day after you apply.
  • Submit the items listed under the Lacking Reasons tab in LIST.  These are the items we expect you to submit or complete, based on your application.
  • Use LIST to track receipt of the items.
  • In most cases, additional items will be required later. Don’t worry! That’s expected. We just want to make sure you have the basics first.

How long it takes to complete Pre-Licensure depends on you. 
41% of FY 10 licensees spent 90 days or less in Pre-Licensure.
The average for all was 134 days.

Please note:  The Texas Medical board is experiencing the highest ever volume of applications at this time.  We are working on acquiring more staffing resources, but due to budget constraints, the earliest that would be possible is September 2015.  We are screening applications as quickly as possible, and continue to issue licenses on a regular basis.  Please allow 14 days, from the date documentation was received, for processing, before calling to check on the status of information sent.

Stage 2 - Licensing

  • You’ve submitted all of the documents required for your application in Pre-Licensure.
  • Your application has been assigned to a licensing analyst.
  • Keep checking LIST. Your licensing analyst will post requests for additional items in the Lacking Reasons section.

The average time to complete an application once in Licensing was 36 days in FY 10.

Application Complete

  • Congratulations! You are ready to be licensed!
  • A temporary license will be issued if you requested one.
  • Regular licenses are issued twice a month.
  • Register your license.  You will receive a postcard within 2 weeks of being licensed, with registration instructions.

Two Most Important Things to Know!

  1. Completing Stage 1 (Pre-Licensure) does not mean you’re eligible for licensure.  Only after you complete Stage 2 (Licensing) are you ready to be licensed.
  2. Visit LIST as often as you can, to check the status of your application and communicate with your Licensing Analyst.


Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure

NEW!  The Texas Medical Board is pleased to offer the new online application option for physicians called the Uniform Application for Physician State Licensure or UA. The UA, kept on file with the Federation of State Medical Boards, will benefit physicians by reducing redundancy in filling out applications when applying for licensure in multiple states, thus increasing portability.


Click on the link below to start your Uniform Application with the Federation of State Medical Boards.

Start Here: