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Acudetox Registration


To maintain an active acudetox license you will need to renew your license annually.

At this time, acudetox registration may not be completed online. Registration forms will be sent out via postal service at least 60 days in advance of the expiration date.



    The current fee for acudetox registration is $87.50 per year. This rate can be changed by the legislature, however, at any time in the future.


    There is no grace period for the expiration date of an acudetox license. Once the expiration date has occurred, penalty fee of $25 fee will be added

    NEW - TMB Transitions to electronic licenses

    The Texas Medical Board is transitioning to electronic licenses for a more paperless experience and to allow for enhanced licensee control.   As of September 1, 2019 the Board will no longer issue paper licenses after a completed registration/renewal for the following license types:

    • Physician (including telemedicine, administrative, conceded eminence and public health)
    • Physician Assistant
    • Acupuncturist
    • Acudetox
    • General Medical Radiologic Technologist
    • Limited Medical Radiologic Technologist
    • Non-Certified Radiologic Technician
    • Respiratory Care Practitioner
    • Medical Physicist
    • Perfusionist


    What does this mean for licensees renewing their licenses on or after September 1, 2019?

    Once your registration/renewal is complete, please allow 2 business days for processing.  After that time, you will be able to log into your MyTMB account and view, save or print a copy of your active license.  In addition, after September 1, 2019, you will be able to use the same system to view, save or print a copy of your active license as needed.


    Please note that primary source verification regarding licensure status is always available to anyone, including licensees’ employers, via the TMB website through Look up a License.