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LMRT Exam Information

Exam Request


Before a person can be scheduled for the limited exam, the Texas Medical Board must receive an application to take the Limited Scope of Practice in Radiography Examination.


LMRT – Limited Scope of Practice exam request


Send a completed exam request by mail or fax using the information provided on the form. You may also submit the form to for processing.  There is no fee for this application at this time. You will be notified in writing once your application is received and approved.


Note – Under the new TMB rule 194.6 (available for review here), a temporary LMRT  license is no longer required to apply to take the LMRT limited scope of practice exam. 

Under the new rule, in order to obtain authorization to attempt passage of the exam, an individual must provide the following documentation:

  • Evidence of current enrollment in an approved limited program and an attestation stating that the individual has completed the education components necessary for qualifying the individual to pass the appropriate limited scope examination, signed by the program director or registrar; or
  • a copy of a certificate of completion or official transcript showing completion of an approved limited program.


In addition, exams must be passed within 1 year of the the initial authorization granted by the Board to take the exam.   If you do not pass a section of the exam within 3 attempts, or within one year of the Board's aproval to take the exam, you will need to submit documentation indicating that you have successfully completed 60 hours of remedial activity for an additional attempt to be approved. The additional attempt must again be made no later than one year from the date of the Board's approval. Those failing to attempt or pass the examination within the additional one-year period allowed shall only be eligible for additional examination attempts by again successfully completing an approved program.


Examinations are administered for the TMB by the American Registry of Radiologic Technologists® (ARRT). Once the status of your exam eligibility has been forwarded to ARRT, you will have 1 year to submit your payment to ARRT to take the exam. Once you have submitted your payment to ARRT, they will send you a Candidate Status Report that will include a 90 day examination window.

All examinations consist of a CORE MODULE of 100 questions and 20-25 questions on each category selected. All candidates will take the CORE exam of the examination and one or more of the subsections listed under PROCEDURE MODULES. 

Please note that the Core module consists of 100 questions plus an additional 15 unscored questions. The unscored questions are called ‘pilots’ and the ARRT use these as test questions for future exams. They are not scored and they are not identified in the exam as pilot questions. In addition, each module has five additional unscored pilot questions.

NOTE - there were some major changes to the ARRT exam that went into effect on January 1, 2018.  The content in the CORE module was restructured from four to three major content sections and the sections were renamed following the universal content outline.  


These are the sections you will be tested on:




Patient Care


Image Production




*All sections of the exam must be passed at 75% in order to pass the CORE module.










Podiatric Radiography   






**Together, these two exams are the chiropractic category exam.



The number of questions in each section is subject to change.   

At this time the passing score for all categories is 75%.


If you have not been issued a full limited certificate by the time your temporary limited certificate expires, you must cease performing radiologic procedures when your temporary certificate expires, or meet the qualifications to be exempt from certification.

After you have been scheduled for an exam, you will be sent information by the test contractor concerning the time and place to report for the exam.

The examinations are given in English. Persons who may have difficulty understanding instructions and technical information should take note of this. Translators or dictionaries will not be permitted at an examination.


Exam Results


After you have taken the exam, your results will be reported to the TMB within 2 weeks. The TMB will forward those results to your address of record along with instructions for moving forward.