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Military Limited Volunteer License

The Military Limited Volunteer License is available to a physician who is or was authorized as a physician to treat personnel enlisted in a branch of the United States armed forces or veterans, and is limited to the practice of medicine for no compensation in clinics that serve indigent populations.

The Military Limited Volunteer License:

  • authorizes the physician to practice medicine only in a clinic that primarily treats indigent populations; and
  • prohibits the license holder from receiving direct or indirect compensation or payment of anything of monetary value in exchange for the medical services rendered to the indigent patients at the clinic.

The holder of an Military Limited Volunteer License is subject to board rules, including rules regarding disciplinary action, license registration and renewal, and continuing medical education. The rules regarding this type of license are found in §172.18 and can be viewed at: Board Rules.


Before You Apply

Individuals considering applying for a military limited volunteer medicine license should review the application and board rules before submitting their applications.


Apply by downloading the form using the link to the left.

License Expiration and Renewal

A military limited volunteer license shall be issued for a period of two years and may be renewed and maintained according to registration requirements. 


The Texas Medical Board does not charge fees to applicants for or license holders of a Military Limited Volunteer License.