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Physician in Training (PIT)

Physician-in-Training (PIT) Permit allows a qualified person to participate in a post graduate medical training or fellowship program.  A PIT permit is restricted to the supervised practice of medicine that is part of the training or fellowship program.

Please note that a medical school or college is not added to the Substantial Equivalence list for the purpose of being considered for a postgraduate training program position in Texas. The TMB enforces the Substantial Equivalence at the Full Texas Medical License level.

Before You Apply

Individuals considering applying for a PIT permit should use the links to the left to review the Eligibility Checklist, Sample Application and Supplemental Forms before submitting their application.  In addition, an applicant must obtain a TMB personal ID# and 3rd party payor ID#, if applicable, from their GME office or residency training program coordinator.  The 3rd party ID# is needed if the program will be paying the application fee. For questions about the application process, contact Customer Services at (512) 305-7030.


Apply online using the link to the left.  Permit applications that do not require supplemental forms and third party information should be processed within 14 business days.

Daily reports of permits issued are faxed to the programs shortly after issuance. Verification of approved permits can be obtained on our Look up a License page within 24 hours after issuance.

Depending on your answers, some of the questions on the application will require you to download a supplemental form and submit it, along with any third party documentation requested. Your application will not be considered complete until all supplemental information is received and processed. Your permit will be issued only when all requested information has been evaluated and approved.

Due to the large volume of applications received, the initial review of an application may take a minimum of 4 weeks.  After the initial review, applicants are notified of any missing documents or information that is needed to complete the processing of the application.

If your application requires a formal review by the Manager of Licensure, the Executive Director or the Licensure Committee this will increase the time to complete your application.

Supplemental forms and third party information should be accompanied by your name and your TMB personal ID# whenever possible to expedite processing. 

Document Retention and Submission  

Documents submitted to and received by the board prior to the receipt of your application forms and fee will be held for 6 months.  Documents can be sent by e-mail, fax, regular or overnight mail. 

  • e-mail to
  • fax to (888)550-7516 Attn: PITs
  • Overnight and Regular mail - We recommend using one of the private overnight delivery services that allow tracking to submit all required items.  These services require delivery to a physical address and a phone number. Delivery by a private overnight service to our physical address usually allows you to obtain immediate online confirmation of delivery from the carrier.

When submitting forms and documents, we recommend using one of the private overnight delivery services that allow tracking.  These services require delivery to a physical address and a phone number. Delivery by a private overnight service to our physical address usually allows you to obtain immediate online confirmation of delivery from the carrier.

Items mailed through the US Postal Service (regular, certified, express, or overnight), must be addressed to our mailing address, or they will be returned to the sender. A vendor signs for and delivers these items to our agency. Even if a tracking mechanism is used, the signature confirming receipt of items delivered to the mailing address will be that of a vendor employee, making confirmation of delivery to the TMB more difficult.

Please keep in mind that receipt of a document does not equate processing of the document.


Are You Having Trouble Accessing the Online PIT Application?

Due to patterns of malware, certain  countries are blocked from access to TMB online applications. PIT applicants residing in other countries who are unable to access the online application should do the following:

  • Print a copy of the Sample PIT Application
  • Complete the sample application and then work with someone in your program to enter the information into our online application and pay the fee.  
  • Complete a Third party application completion affidavit since you did not complete the online application or attestation, and mail or fax to TMB.


 Contact Information

Delivery Physical Address and Phone
Texas Medical Board 
1801 Congress Avenue, Suite 9.200
Austin, TX 78701 
Phone – (512) 305-7030
Mailing Address
Texas Medical Board
P.O. Box 2029
Austin, TX 78768

(888) 550-7516  Attn: PIT Permits




Applicants should note that issuing a PIT Permit to a physician shall not be construed to obligate the Texas Medical Board to issue the physician subsequent permits or licenses.  The board reserves the right to investigate, deny a permit or full license, and/or discipline a physician regardless of when the information was received by the board.

Reporting Requirements

Permit holders and Postgraduate Training Program Directors have requirements for reporting on certain situations, actions of the permit holder and actions taken by the program within 30 days of their occurrence or of becoming aware of their occurrence.  Failure to report may result in disciplinary action as an administrative violation against the permit holder and/or the program director.  The forms for reporting are found in the quick links to the left.

Permit holders must report:

  • the opening of an investigation or disciplinary action taken against you by any licensing entity other than the Texas Medical Board;
  • an arrest, fine (over $250 excluding traffic violations), charge or conviction of a crime, indictment, imprisonment, placement on probation, or receipt of deferred adjudication; and
  • diagnosis or treatment of a physical, mental or emotional condition, which has impaired or could impair your ability to practice medicine.

Postgraduate Training Program Directors must report:

  • if a physician did not begin the training program as scheduled;
  • if a physician has been or will be absent from the program for more that 21 consecutive days (excluding vacation, family leave not related to the participant's medical condition, or military leave) and the reason(s) why;
  • if a physician has been arrested after beginning training in the program;
  • if a physician poses a continuing threat to the public welfare as defined under Tex. Occ. Code §151.002(a)(2), as amended;
  • if the program has taken final action that adversely affects the physician's status or privileges in a program for a period longer than 30 days;
  • if the program has suspended the physician from the program; and
  • if the program has requested termination or terminated the physician from the program, requested or accepted withdrawal of the physician from the program, or requested or accepted resignation of the permit holder from the program and the action is final.

Permit holders or program directors with questions about reporting requirements can contact Customer Services at (512) 305-7030, by fax at (888) 550-7516, or by e-mail at