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  • What is the fee for fingerprinting?

    As of 01/01/2019, the fee for fingerprinting is $38.25.  This fee includes the fingerprint vendor processing fee, DPS processing fee and FBI processing fee. There may be an additional fingerprint vendor processing fee of $39.95 if using an approved out-of-state live scan location. IdentoGo will inform you if the location selected is subject to this additional fee.

    What is a Board issued 6-digit ID#?

    This number, assigned to you at the time you submitted your application for licensure, for physicians can be found online through LIST (Licensure Inquiry System of Texas) or for all other applicants through contacting the Texas Medical Board Customer Service Department at (512) 305-7030 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Central Time.

    I was just fingerprinted for another agency. Can you use those fingerprint results?

    If you have been previously fingerprinted for another license or by another agency, we apologize for the inconvenience; however you will still be required to submit the fingerprint criminal history background to the TMB. Per Title 28, Code of Federal Regulations (CFR), Section 50.12, FBI fingerprinting reports are only allowed to be used for the purposes requested. Therefore, we are not able to access fingerprint results that were submitted to another agency (other states licenses, CHL permits, other background checks, etc.). Applicants or Texas licensees looking to renew their licensure must use the TMB Service Code and their Board issued 6-digit ID# on the IdentoGo website in order for our agency to receive your DPS/FBI consolidated report.  If you used any other service code other than the one assigned to the TMB, those results cannot be disclosed to our agency. Refer to the instructions provided to you by either the Licensure or Registrations Department.

    Can I submit my fingerprints in more than one way to expedite the process (e.g. submitting hard copy fingerprints & completing a live scan)?

    No. Multiple methods of submission will delay the fingerprinting process, as the fee paid to IdentoGo allows for either a live scan or a mailed submission of fingerprint cards. An applicant or Texas licensee should complete their fingerprints by arranging an appointment at an approved IdentoGo location or mail to Identogo one completed fingerprint card with the completed IdentoGo confirmation document containing a bar code. If fingerprints are submitted using multiple methods or if an applicant completes their fingerprints at a different IdentoGo location than the one they set up their appointment with, the applicant will be responsible for contacting IdentoGo directly to identify the correct submission method. TMB does not have access to the IdentoGo system and is not able to amend or verify an applicant’s submission method.  Applicants should not mail fingerprint cards to the TMB.

    Will I automatically be sent fingerprint cards if I enter an out-of-state address when I apply?

    No, fingerprint cards are not automatically sent out to applicants. Because not all applicants reside at the mailing address of record when they submit their online applications, it is the responsibility of the applicant to verify whether or not they can be live-scanned. If that is not an option, they must request a fingerprint card by contacting the Texas Medical Board at if they are an applicant, or at if they are a licensee. When emailing the request, please include a current mailing address.

    I just found out that my fingerprints were rejected. May I immediately request new fingerprint cards?

    Applicants are informed of their fingerprints being rejected by IdentoGo prior to that information being sent to the TMB. Fingerprints can be rejected by either DPS or the FBI. Our office will not communicate that a reprint is needed until we receive your unique reference code, which you may then use on the IdentoGo site to waive the fee for a required reprint.